Which is honestly not going to be hard to do. Look how cute they are!

Cats, with all their quirks and idiosyncrasies, are pretty darned cute. There are a lot of people out there that say they aren’t a “cat person”, but they still have to admit, the feline species has some ridiculously adorable habits. Take kneading for example. When some cats find a nice soft surface they will alternate pushing out their front paws as if they were kneading a piece of dough. Often coupled with purring, this delightful behavior is generally a sign of affection or happiness. While scientist aren’t 100 percent sure why cats knead, the general theories behind it point towards expressing contentment and/or creating a soft space to lie down.

If you’ve never seen a cat zone out while pretending to make some bread, we’ve found a special treat for you, three cats kneading!


Shared by the Kyoto cat café, Cat Apartment Coffee, three of their charming kitties were caught really going to town on a pair of cushions. The three cats must have been working hard as the café’s Twitter account jokingly declared that they would be turning the establishment into an udon shop. They might have a billion yen idea there, but first they’ll have to solve the issue of keeping cat hair out of the noodles!

Source & image: Twitter/@CatApartment