For this sweet kitty, the texture and colours of the strange new floor covering are too much to handle!

We’ve seen plenty of cats acting like bosses in Japan, punching their way through paper sliding doors, fighting with office equipment and claiming ownership over everything in the house. But for this sweet kitty, an attempt at conquering the strange new floor covering that suddenly appeared in the lounge room became an overwhelming adventure that proved to be too much to handle! This cute video captures the feline’s excitement and confusion over its first encounter with carpet, and it’s so funny that even the cat’s owner can be heard laughing during the clip!

With the cat only being exposed to wooden floors and tatami woven mats, the soft texture of carpet was always going to be surprise for the kitten, but the bright, circular pattern had the cat stretching its paws out like it was playing a game of Twister.


The carpet would’ve also had a foreign smell, which the brave kitten attempted to stamp out with its own scent glands.


After pressing its body into the cushiony surface, it became evident that the carpet wasn’t going anywhere, so the clever cat decided to do what any self-respecting kitty would do in that situation. He high-tailed it outta there!

Since the clip was posted on Twitter a few days ago, it’s been liked and shared tens of thousands of times, with people leaving adoring comments like:

“This is too cute!”
“Cats really do move in bizarre ways!”
“My cat did the same thing to my carpet!
“If you set this clip to music, the kitten would look like it’s dancing!”
“Once the cat gets used to the new, warm carpet, it’s going to love it!”

The day after this clip was filmed, it did appear that the kitten was slowly getting used to the new floor covering. Although it wasn’t about to forgive its owner for buying it any time soon!

With winter coming up, we’re sure the disgruntled cat will soon forgive its owner once it gets to curl up on the carpet’s warm surface, away from cold floors. And if there’s a heater on offer, we’re sure that will be enough to thaw that icy stare!

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@1923usauk