digimon goods

Tired of hearing about Pokémon Go? Let’s talk about Digimon…in style.

Many of us grew up watching Digimon on TV as youngsters. Now that we have money are full-grown adults, it’s about time we found a way to show that our childhood spirit never dies.

SuperGroupies, a site that collaborates with various anime and game series to create fashionable apparel and accessories, has released a special line of Digimon Adventure goods for you to dress up in.

This limited-time collab is based on two of the main characters and their respective Digimon partners: Tai (known as Taichi in the original Japanese version) and Agumon; and Matt (A.K.A Yamato) and Gabumon.

▼ The line-up includes two adorable pairs of shoes and two equally stylish bags.

digimon shoes and bags

Tai’s blue-and-yellow based backpack is great if you’re on the go, while Matt’s green purse is perfect for shopping. Both the bags and sneakers will run you 9,800 yen (USD$92) plus tax per item.

But, let’s face it. We’re way more into the actual Digimon than the human characters. That’s why the collection includes two entirely Digimon-inspired rings.

▼ Now, it’s possible to carry around your own Agumon or Gabumon…on your finger.


Each ring costs 8,800 yen (USD$83). While they may be a bit expensive, how many chances are you going to have to wear a tiny Digimon on your hand? Seriously, think about it!

Unfortunately, the July 24th pre-order application deadline, with expected arrival sometime during October, has already passed, but we’ll keep you updated for when these items get a general release!

Sources: SuperGroupies
Images: SuperGroupies