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The magical world of Disney could probably use a few more warning signs.

Earlier this year, the gates of the Shanghai Disneyland officially swung open and fans from China and all over the world flocked to the newest Disney resort. It was also Disney’s first park in mainland China, so a lot was riding on it going well.

YouTuber Disney Dwayne runs a channel that focuses on all things Mickey Mouse, and he took his camera with him when he had the chance to visit Shanghai Disneyland, and it turned out he was not impressed.

Focusing very little on the actual park and facilities itself, Disney Dwayne remarked upon the different atmosphere he experienced while visiting. You wouldn’t think that culture shock could happen between Disney theme parks but there were plenty of times Dwayne was left shaking his head.

▼ People were using their umbrellas blocking the view of the stage

shanghai 1

▼ People sneaking in selfie sticks to get their best shots

shanghai 4

▼ People searching for electrical outlets in order to charge their cellphones

shanghai 2

▼ People playing in the display areas where the public shouldn’t be

shanghai 3

▼ People camping out in the Enchanted Castle

shanghai 6

The video isn’t what you might expect from the “happiest place on Earth”, and there were so many negative comments left for Dwayne that he released a response video to address them.

Whether you agree with his point of view or not, there were still many viewers shocked by some of the behaviors he managed to catch on camera. If some of these situations are the norm at Shanghai Disneyland, perhaps the cast members at the park need to be a bit more diligent in protecting their magic kingdom.

Source: YouTube/Disney Dwayne