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These pics make us wish we were at Cinderella’s castle, too!

If you’re like me, there’s a strong likelihood you played with a Barbie doll when you were a kid. You took her everywhere, dressed her up in all kinds of different outfits, and spent many, many hours imagining you were a fabulous singing duo that was taking the world by storm doing Whitney Houston covers (um, actually, maybe that last one was just me…)

And if you are like me, there’s a possibility that you stopped playing with dolls years ago. However, these new fashion dolls from Tokyo Disney might change all of that! With simple, nostalgia-inducing designs based on some of the most beloved characters in the Disney franchise, people of all ages are going to want to get their hands on one of these.

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Inspiration for the dolls’ outfits was drawn directly from the eternally popular Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and Marie from The Aristocats.

▼ Minnie Mouse in human form

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The essence of Minnie Mouse is captured in this doll’s design by the signature red dress with big, white polka dots. The addition of a big red bow and mouse ears atop her wavy brown hair rounds out a chic and modern representation of one of Disney’s most recognizable characters.

▼ Daisy Duck as you’ve never seen her before

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Daisy Duck’s human avatar is feminine, mature, and classy, just as one would expect. Her white faux fur stole and pink fitted dress in lovely juxtaposition with the sunny yellow heels perfectly brings to life Daisy’s flamboyant and fashionable nature.

▼ Alice looking wonderful

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In true Wonderland style, Alice looks full of both innocence and mischievousness in a blue-and-white-striped frock with a black and red border. The pert black bow on top of her head matches the twinkle in her eyes.

▼ So cute, meow!

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Last, but by no means least is Marie from The Aristocats. In a white dress adorned with Marie’s trademark pink bow, this doll is the epitome of sweet and silly with her cat-eared cap and fluffy leg warmers.

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The creators made an effort to craft realistic facial expressions for the Tokyo Disney dolls and to ensure that attention was paid to even the smallest details of their clothing. The dolls are super flexible and poseable.

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So where can you get one of the Tokyo Disney dolls?

The place where dreams come true, of course! More specifically, you can pick one (or four) up at the “Toy Station”store in the Tokyo Disney Resort and the “Mermaid’s Treasure” store in Tokyo Disneyland. Each doll is 3,600 yen inclusive of tax (about US$33.83).

Before you head over to Tokyo Disney to pick up a doll or two, make your life easier by finding out how to beat the crowds and get into the park 15 minutes before it opens to the public!

Images: © Disney

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