Nasu Highland Park in Tochigi Prefecture is home to a special experience-type attraction where you can undergo the same training regimens as Goku.

Calling all Super Saiyan hopefuls out there! On July 16, Dragon Ball Super Training Challenge! ~Let’s become strong like Goku~ opened at the Nasu Highland amusement park in Tochigi Prefecture and is slated to remain open through November 27. At this special attraction, you can experience six of the same training exercises Goku did throughout his lifetime while becoming immersed in the Dragon Ball universe. The experience offers plenty of fun photo opportunities for you to document your hard work as well — just Saiyan’.

▼ Thank goodness the attraction isn’t named after Vegeta — we don’t think the general public is ready to train in upwards of 400 times Earth’s gravity yet!


The following are three of the six training regimens as shown on Nasu’s Highland Park’s official website.

“Carry it! Deliver the milk training” must be completed while wearing a turtle shell weight on your back. Longtime Dragon Ball fans will recognize it as a throwback to Goku’s childhood training with Krillin under Master Roshi, aka the Turtle Hermit.


“Fly! Flying technique primer” involves learning how to fly like our Dragon Ball heroes by hitting special targets above you (with the aid of trampolines and not ki, of course!).


“Absolute union! Fusion pose!” tests your fusion compatibility with Goten and Trunks by trying out the fusion pose with the boys themselves.


A peek at the other exercises can be seen below. Is that Beerus and Whis from the Dragon Ball Super anime we spy?


The Dragon Ball Super Training Challenge! costs an extra 500 yen (US$4.70) on top of Nasu Highland Park’s admission fee, but diehard Dragon Ball fans shouldn’t mind because each visitor receives a certificate of training completion as well as a limited-edition shoulder pack. Now’s the time to prepare yourself to take on any villain that comes at you from the distant corners of the universe!

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Top image: Twitter/@NASUHAI
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