She’s too short to ride Thunder Mountain, but proud owner still seems to be enjoying their theme park visits together.

For a country that puts such an emphasis on work, Japan also is also home to some people who are astoundingly dedicated to their hobbies. But while animation otaku and super-hard-core video gamers have parallels in other countries, one fandom phenomena that’s less common outside Japan is male doll enthusiasts who go on outings with their plastic companions.

Japanese Twitter user @yuirichan0831 describes his 55-centmeter (22-inch) doll Yuiri-chan as his “daughter.” In addition to dressing her in fancy clothes, he regularly shares photos of the places he’s gone with her, with Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea being two of their favorite destinations.

Aside from the fact that Yuiri-chan isn’t alive, it looks like the pair spends their time at the parks more or less how human groups do, as they pose against scenic backdrops and snap photos to share on social media.

As a matter of fact, it even looks like Yuiri-chan somehow gets her own scale-sized souvenirs, as she’s seen clutching a miniature version of Duffy, the Disney Sea mascot teddy bear, in a number of photos.

With Disney’s Japanese theme parks having so many seasonal events, @yuirichan0831 and Yuiri-chan are regular visitors, and of course they made a point of going once Disney’s Halloween decorations showed up.

And while many will no doubt call @yuirichan0831’s tastes peculiar, we have to admit this is definitely one way to feel like you’ve got some company with you at the Happiest Place on Earth, and he didn’t even have to buy a second ticket.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@yuirichan0831