Poke Cat 2

This cat is freaking everyone out with the way it interacts with Pokémon Goldeen as if the fictional character were really hovering there in real-life.

The boundaries between the real world and the game world of Pokémon Go are continuing to blur before our very eyes, with these photos from Japan showing just how confusing the realm of augmented reality can be.

Twitter user @masaiai6 snapped these photos of his cat looking directly at the game’s fish Pokémon Goldeen, despite the fact that the character is meant to be confined to the player’s realm of vision on-screen.


Not only does the curious kitty appear to be looking right at the monster hovering above him, he also seems to be justifiably terrified at what he’s seeing.


And then, just when the cat’s owner thought that would be the extent of the cute interaction, Goldeen appears to look down at the cat, with the two sharing a quizzical moment together.


Since the surreal photos were posted on Twitter three days ago, the images have been liked more than 136,000 times and retweeted over 129,000 times, with users from all around the world leaving comments like:

“OMG, the cat can see Goldeen!”
“The fact that it happens to be a fish Pokémon is too much!”
“This is a perfect example of an animal’s sixth-sense intuition.”
“I bet the kitty thinks it’s a tasty-looking Pokémon!”
“The last picture with them locking eyes on each other is amazing!”

A number of reports of pets “seeing” Pokémon in their midst are now gradually appearing online, with canines also getting in on the act.

▼ Like this unimpressed dog!

These photos by @masaiai6, however, are by far the most realistic we’ve seen so far, with the cat’s eye level and focus seeming to align perfectly with the goldfish Pokémon. Not to mention the look of shock and wonder on the cute kitty’s face, which seriously has us questioning whether the creators of the game have imbued their characters with some type of mysterious magic so they can communicate with animals in the real world. That would definitely be some next-level gaming!

Source, Images: Twitter/@masaiai6