Travelers entering Japan will have to install location confirmation app, Skype on smartphones

Don’t have a smartphone? You’ll be required to rent one, and pay for it out of your own pocket.

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Some of Japan’s COVID-19 contact tracing apps haven’t been working since last September

It’s not like we needed it or anything.

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Only three COVID-19 infected people registered on Japan’s contact tracing app after a month

You had one job, COCOA!

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Starbucks Japan’s new Chocoholic Frappuccino gets what Japanese Valentine’s Day is really about

Chocoholic Cocoa and stylish Valentine’s drinkware are also ready to receive your love.

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Now there’s chocolate-flavored soy sauce…for shaved ice!

Wait, is this chocolate-flavored soy sauce, or soy-sauce flavored chocolate sauce?

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Feeling frosty? Why not add some chili to your hot chocolate for a spicy pick-me-up!

Here in Japan, there’s a ton of stuff you can use to warm yourself up against winter’s chill, including thermal undies, hot baths infused with ginger, and pocket warmers or kairo, which you can stick all over your body. But as well as applying heat to the outside, it’s also important to make sure you warm up your insides, and one way to do this is by consuming warming foodstuffs like hot soup and hot drinks.

This winter, the major craze is to slurp down a cup of hot chocolate with actual chili peppers floating in it! Check out these Twitter testimonials to find out what’s so great about this unusual beverage!

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