This tie-up collaboration swings both ways, with new KitKat items at the ice cream chain for a limited time as well.

Choc mint products have become synonymous with summer in Japan, when the cooling sensation of the herb helps to provide some relief from the humidity, with a side of sweetness to boot.

Now that the weather is heating up, it’s time for choc mint products to make their triumphant return to stores again, and one that we’re particularly keen to try is the new Kit Kat Chocolate Mint Ice Cream.

What makes this particular flavour so exciting is the fact that it’s a tie up with ice cream chain Baskin Robbins, or “31” as it’s known in Japan.

▼ See the “31” in the “BR”?

Inspired by 31’s Chocolate Mint ice cream, which won first place in the chain’s “Party Contest Flavour General Election” last year, this new chocolate inserts cocoa-flavoured cream inside the wafers and wraps it all up in in mint ice cream-flavoured chocolate for a refreshing taste.

It’s not just the flavour but the appearance of the ice cream that’s replicated in this new chocolate, and Nestlé says it tastes even better after being kept in the freezer, when it becomes crunchier and cooler.

This new collaboration swings both ways, because over at 31 there’ll be some special limited-edition KitKat items on the menu for the first time ever.

The Happy Breaktime Made with KitKat may not contain any mint, but it does contain a blend of two types of chocolate ice cream — dark and milk — along with crunchy KitKat pieces, all for 390 yen (US$2.79).

The Collaboration Sundae Made with KitKat (550 yen) adds a mini chocolate KitKat and a mini wholewheat KitKat to a small-sized ice cream of your choice, with a whipped cream, chocolate sauce and shaved chocolate topping.

Mint-loving customers are taken care of with the Frozen Shake Chocolate Mint Made with KitKat (570 yen). This shake blends the chain’s chocolate mint ice cream with milk and tops it with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and one of the new KitKat fingers for a very minty experience.

All the new 31 products go on sale from 1 June while stocks last, while the KitKats, sold in packs of 10 for 540 yen, will be in stores nationwide from 5 June, also in limited numbers.

If you’d like to get a taste of both the chocolate and the ice creams at the chain that inspired it, we recommend buying the chocolates first, as each multi-pack comes with a 50-yen discount coupon that can be used at 31 until 30 April next year.

Source, images: PR Times 
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