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Maybe Wagakki Band will open Tokyo 2020!

If you are lucky enough to be a denizen of Japan during the Rio Olympics, then surely you’ve heard the captivating strains of Wagakki Band coming through your TV as you’ve tuned into TV Tokyo. At midnight on August 3, their newest video, “Kishikaisei”, debuted and the song is being used as the TV Tokyo theme for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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While this video does lack some of the panache of previous offerings, it is no less thrilling. The band is attired in the usual Wagakki-style and the music is as energizing as ever. The synchronicity of the dancers seem to add both depth and volume to the sound, and there’s no doubt that Wagakki Band is telling viewers that Japan is gonna be on fire at this year’s Olympic Games when you see the blaze at the end.

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“Kishikaisei” isn’t the only Wagakki Band song that’s been played during these Games; a new track titled “MI・RA・I” also debuted on August 3 and was the fight song for the Olympic torch relay. While the video for “Kishikaisei” won’t be available for purchase until August 17, you can buy the songs already on Itunes, Recochoku, Mu-mo, or Mora.

Check out the “Kishikaisei” video here and let us know if this song gets you fired up for the Rio Olympics!

Source: Wagakki Band