Wagakki Band

Wagakki Band releases new teaser video, third album on sale soon!【Video】

The popular group has played sold-out shows overseas and now they’re ready to release their third album!

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Wagakki Band breathes life into the Olympics with “Kishikaisei”

Maybe Wagakki Band will open Tokyo 2020!

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Wagakki Band’s newest video “Strong Fate” might just be the most epic one yet!

This one takes the cake, folks, but don’t take our word for it – check it out for yourself here!

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Wagakki Band release music video for “Valkyrie”, opening song for Twin Star Exorcists anime

It’s on the short side, so you’ll just want to keep hitting replay!

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Super Mario Maker level recreates intense Vocaloid hit with carefully positioned music blocks

Nintendo fans have been hard at work these past few weeks churning out all kinds of creative levels in Super Mario Maker for the Wii U. Even if you don’t have a copy of the game yourself, if you’re a fan of Mario you’ve no doubt had fun watching videos showcasing the mad-cap levels people have come up with and the rages of gamers trying to beat the hardest courses.

The level we’re showcasing today, however, focuses on not what an insanely tricky course looks like, but what you can do with music in the game by bringing Vocaloid into the Mario world.

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The new Wagakki Band album is out! Let’s find out what the fans think!

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Wagakki Band here at RocketNews24. We’ve been sharing their music with you since 2013, and you can bet we’ll keep sharing their music until they get old and retire! So, as you can imagine, we were eager to get our hands on their new album Yasouemaki. And, now that everyone has had a few days to enjoy all the new tracks, let’s find out what Japanese fans are saying about the album!

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Wagakki Band releases new video for Hangeki no Yaiba, theme song for Attack on Titan mini-series

Wagakki Band is keeping busy this summer! Even though they released a video just two weeks ago, a new one has just appeared today! This time, it’s for “Hangeki no Yaiba,” the theme song for the new Attack on Titan series produced from dTV. That’s right, now you can get your Wagakki Band fix and your Attack on Titan spin-off fix all in one place!

The video features the band performing in a crumbling church and wielding weapons that look like they were taken straight from the set of the show. The song itself features Wagakki Band’s distinctive sound and it sure to get your blood pumping. Check it out below and blast it while you get ready to fight some giants!

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Wagakki Band releases video for new song “Akatsukino Ito,” featuring swords and dragons 【Video】

It’s no secret that we love the Wagakki Band around here at the RocketNews24 offices. Their music just has a thundering pulse to it that draws you in like a whirlpool. Between the soaring vocals delivered by Yūko Suzuhana and the fusion of rock and traditional Japanese instruments, it’s hard not to start pounding a fist in the air whenever they release a new song. And we totally failed to restrain ourselves tonight!

Just a few hours ago, the band published a new release on YouTube: A music video for “Akatsuki no Ito,” or “The Thread of Dawn,” a new song to be release on their forthcoming album Yasou-emaki. Featuring awesome music, a dragon, swords, and a night sky filled with clouds, the video is sure to get fans excited for the new album!

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Wagakki Band announces second album, due to be released this September

We have great news for all our Wagakki Band fans: The group has officially announced their second album! To be released this September, the record will be titled Yasouemaki and will feature 14 tracks, including some new original songs by the band. Hardcore fans will want to be sure to get a first printing too, as it will included an extra limited-edition song. Read on for more information!

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New video “Ikusa” from Wagakki Band mixes rock, traditional instruments, and swords!

Since the release of Wagakki Band‘s first original song “Hanabi” last year, we’ve been holding our breath waiting for more. Okay, that’s not completely true–we’ ve been sneaking little gasps since then–but we were definitely excited to hear the the group was recording both the opening and closing song for the new anime Sengoku Musou, based on the game of the same name. But unless you actually tuned in to watch the show you’d be hard pressed to find the songs–until now!

Today, the band released a music video for “Ikusa,” the show’s opening theme song. Check it out below but be careful that you’ve cleared your room of pointy objects first so you don’t hurt yourself headbanging.

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New video from Wagakki Band “Hanabi” is an original, awesome song【J-Tunes】

When we introduced you to the Wagakki Band last year, we were pretty sure they might end up being a big deal. And, as it turned out, we were definitely right about that! After releasing a full album to rave reviews earlier this year, the band has been on the road touring both in Japan and at the Japan Expo in Paris. But despite their busy schedule of rehearsing and performing, they’ve had time to work on a new, original song. While they haven’t released a full video yet (you’ll have to wait a few more weeks), you can check out the short version below!

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Rocking out with the Wagakki Band: Giving vocaloids a human voice

While vocaloids like Hatsune Miku are still relatively unknown in the West, they have quite the following in Japan and can be found taking part in everything from live concerts to limited edition smartphones. Though some may worry that the digital singers mean the end of “human” music, so far that’s hardly been the case. In fact, it’s nothing strange to find regular bands performing cover songs of vocaloid originals!

One band has taken the concept a step further by introducing some unique, traditional elements and are garnering quite a bit of attention among Japanese Internet users. Meet the Wagakki Band with Yuko Suzuhana and get ready to rock!

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