It’s on the short side, so you’ll just want to keep hitting replay!

As you may already know, we’re pretty big fans of Wagakki Band here at RocketNews24, so we’re always excited to hear when they’ve released a new music video. The group does a great job of combining fun visuals with their highly layered music. And this time is no different!

This version of the song, which is titled “Valkyrie -Ikusa Otome-” or “Valkyrie -War Maiden-“, actually only clocks in at around a one-and-half minutes, but since it’s the opening song for the anime Twin Star Exorcists, we figure it makes sense for the video to be on the short side. On the other hand, despite its length, the track manages to pack in all of the elements the Wagakki Band is known for, including plenty of traditional instrumentation mixed with driving rock guitars and drums and Yuko Suzuhana’s powerful voice.

▼ Check it out below!

The video isn’t quite as exciting as most of them have been in the past, but it does have a cool “rock concert” feel to it. All in all, though, we love the song itself, and we can’t complain about new music from the Wagakki Band! Hopefully this means we’ll get another full-length album soon.

As much as we love Japanese rock, sometimes we just want to sit by the ocean and listen to the ice on the waves. Sadly, we can’t make it up north very often, but fortunately we can just pull up YouTube and check out these amazing soudscapes! We wouldn’t mind if someone got creative mixed together some soundscapes with Yuko’s vocals…

Sources: Wagakki Band, YouTube/Avex
Featured image: Wagakki Band