Nintendo fans have been hard at work these past few weeks churning out all kinds of creative levels in Super Mario Maker for the Wii U. Even if you don’t have a copy of the game yourself, if you’re a fan of Mario you’ve no doubt had fun watching videos showcasing the mad-cap levels people have come up with and the rages of gamers trying to beat the hardest courses.

The level we’re showcasing today, however, focuses on not what an insanely tricky course looks like, but what you can do with music in the game by bringing Vocaloid into the Mario world.

“Senbonzakura” (A Thousand Cherry Blossoms), first uploaded in 2011, is perhaps the most famous of all Vocaloid tunes, combining a fast, upbeat track with dark and elaborate lyrics. The track was later covered by none other than the Wagakki Band in their signature fusion of Vocaloid music with traditional Japanese instruments and Western rock, complete with a stunning video you can see below.

Due to the level-size limitations of Super Mario Maker, only a snippet of the hit song is recreated, but, with the sheer number of notes its creator had to get in perfect timing by positioning the bouncy white music blocks just right, it must have taken a lot of hard work.

Senbonzakura performed by everyone’s favourite digital idol Hatsune Miku.

▼ Wagakki band’s incredible rendition.

Pretty epic, no? If you have a copy of Super Mario Maker, you can experience the level for yourself by entering the course ID DDAB-0000-0068-3AA9 in the Course World section of the game. Enjoy!

Source: Jin115
Featured image: Fanpop, YouTube/ちゃがまちゃねる
Top image: Fanpop