This puppy is too big to fit in your pocket, but he’s still monstrously cute.

As arguably the Internet’s favorite breed of dog, it follows logically that the Shiba Inu should also have an interest in technology. So we wonder, how do they feel about Pokémon GO, humanity’s latest digital entertainment obsession?

It’s our theory that Shibas would love the augmented reality title for the way it encourages going for walks, but dogs don’t generally have their own smartphones. As such, they can’t really play Pokémon GO like we do, i.e. taking on the role of a Pokémon Trainer. As this video shows, though, what they can do is make for adorable stand-ins for the game’s Pocket Monster prey.

Japanese Twitter user @Westin071 shared this video of his pet Shiba playfully yapping and lunging at the camera. While some may scoff at the vertical video format, it helps emphasize the uncanny resemblance between the puppy and the characters of Pokémon GO, which dance and flit about the screen as you toss Poké Balls at them. @Westin071’s energetic pet looks like he’d be particularly difficult to catch without some sort of upgraded equipment or a special aiming aid.

“This one’s a pretty tough [Pocket] Monster!” @Westin071 tweeted. In keeping with that assessment, the video ends with the dog uncaptured, and while that means @Westin071 can’t check the box for “Shiba Inu” on his Pokédex, we know of one Internet video fan who’ll probably be hitting that play button over and over.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@Westin071