Japanese net users weigh in on the similarities between the Shiba Inu pup and the Evolution Pokémon.

Despite Eevee’s immense popularity in the Pokémon anime and gaming franchise, its true genetic structure still manages to allude fans, with its multiple traits and features pointing to animals like rabbits, cats, dogs, and the fennec fox. One pet owner in Japan, however, always thought Eevee looked just like their beloved dog, an adorable Shiba Inu, and even went so far as to create a cute signboard to prove it. Using the faux Pokémon word “Pekomon” to avoid any legal battles with Nintendo, the owner’s cardboard creation is a perfect fit for its obliging dog, who pokes its head out with proportions to match the cute and furry Pokémon.

After taking the photo, Twitter user @takase_farm revealed their sense of humour by commenting on the weirdness of the picture, saying something felt out of place with the cardboard mock-up. Nonetheless, fellow Twitter users have been loving the cute photograph, adding to the conversation with bits of advice and a number of cute pictures.

▼ With its shorter nose, this Chihuahua easily channels a bit of Eevee charm with the addition of a furry collar.

▼ This Twitter user thinks the likeness in the photo could be heightened with a pair of cute Pokémon eyes.

▼ While fellow fan @fai_masayuki comments that the dog looks more like the Fox Pokémon Fennekin rather than Eevee.


Others are also weighing in with their thoughts on the similarities between the pet and the beloved animated character.

“Their cuteness levels are definitely on par!”
“The dog’s nose is too long.”
“What a great drawing! The proportions are spot on.”
“This could be a new Eevee-like character for a rip-off ‘Pekomon Go’ game.”
“Look at Pikachu’s face! He knows it can’t be Eevee!”

With so many attractive traits picked up from a number of adorable animals, it’s a hard task for any pet to live up to the magical cuteness of Eevee! What do you think about the likeness between the two animals? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@takase_farm