Dog walks into a store, spots his face on a pillow and says, “Buy this!”

Any smitten pet owner will tell you that they will do basically anything for their “children”. All sorts of animals are spoiled crazy by items like clothing, beds, toys and more. Often times, you are doing some non-pet related shopping when you come across something so absolutely perfect for your little one, you just have to buy it. We imagine that’s what happened to @mesomeso1009.

It’s almost as if the picture on the cushion is of that particular dog! Who knows if the owner found one of the dogs asleep and then put the pillow on top in order to take a great picture, but we’d like to imagine that one of the Shiba Inu decided to just snuggle up with the cushion and the owner found them like that. It should be noted that @mesomeso1009 has not one, not two, but three adorably photogenic Shiba Inu, so if you can’t get enough of these cute puppies, there are plenty more to be seen.

There will probably be more photographic pillow play as time goes on, so make sure you follow @mesomeso1009 or their Instagram account to catch all of their antics.

Source & Featured image: Twitter/@mesomeso1009