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Cosplayers covered all bases at the massive anime art event.

As Japan’s biggest gathering of independent comic producers and anime-style artists, Comiket is also one of the biggest stages in the world for cosplayers. We sent one of our reporters to snap pictures on the opening day of this year’s summer Comiket, and after seeing all the eye candy on display, we had no shortage of staff members volunteering to go back on Days Two and Three.

This was the 90th iteration of Comiket, and as you might imagine, that longevity means the costumes on display cover several decades worth of otaku culture. On the more classic end of the spectrum, we ran into Urusei Yatsura’s Benten

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…and Slam Dunk’s Ryota and Ayako.

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But at the same time, we also found such recent additions to the anime/manga world as Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress’ Mumei

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…and The Seven Deadly Sins’ Elizabeth.

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And of course, anywhere there are cosplayers these days, there will be Love Live! idols.

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The warm weather made for appropriate timing for a number of swimwear cosplay outfits, such as Super Sonico

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Amagi Brilliant Park’s Isuzu Sento

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Haganai’s Sena Kashiwazaki

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…and Angel Beat’s Kanade, who we seem to recall having a much more waifish build in the anime TV series she was part of.

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Once again, Love Live! is a constant in the cosplay scene, even in the swimsuit sub-category, as Kotori and Niko prove.

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Speaking of idols, there were also some characters from Love Live! rival The Idolmaster posing for the cameras.

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A number of video game franchises were represented, with KanColle’s Shimakaze

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Dynasty Warriors’ Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao

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…and various Pokémon having made the transition from the digital to physical world.

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Pokémon is a prime example of how having both video game and anime incarnations can attract cosplayers to certain characters. Reaping similar benefits were Cross Ange’s Salamandinay, Ange, and Celda

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Fate’s Saber Alter and Red Saber

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Prisma Illya (also part of the interconnected family of Fate spin-off series)…

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…and Digimon’s Mimi Tachikawa.

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That’s not to say that multi-media status is a prerequisite for getting the cosplay treatment, though. Popular anthropomorphized sword game Touken Rambu’s anime adaptation is yet to premier.

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Likewise, mobile games Ring Dream, Battle Girls, and Tokyo 7th Sisters have all yet to be made into animated series.

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Believe it or not, there were still more Love Live! cosplayers to be found.

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Next up, a couple of otaku favorites: Dragon Ball’s Bulma and Lucky Star’s Tsukasa.

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And rounding things off, we come to a sexy Jason/Freddy/Chuckie horror trio…

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…a threesome of To Love-Ru characters…

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Ahri, from League of Legends

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…a character from Gundam ZZ

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…an original, unnamed cosplay character…

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…and finally, you guessed it, more Love Live!

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A big thanks to everyone for standing and smiling in the sizzling sun as we snapped photos, and we hope to see you all again at the Winter Comiket in December!

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