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Nothing says “I’m lovin’ it” more than McHeart Attack.

McDonald’s Japan has been plagued with negative news and reviews this past year and the various tactics they’ve tried in order to bring back their customers has brought mixed results. Their newest strategy is aiming big though, with big size, big meat and even bigger calorie counts.

Flying under the banner of “morning’s certain victory combination”, these massive breakfast sandwiches come in three calorific varieties: the Mega Muffin, the Double Fillet-o Fish and the Mega McGriddle. Paired with a small drink, each of these sandwiches comes to only 400 yen (US$3.95).

Although it might seem counterintuitive to their status as the official restaurant of the Olympics, McDonald’s Japan have probably realized that if you can roll out of bed in time for their breakfast menu and successfully scarf down one of these mega-meals, you deserve a gold medal. Many Japanese Twitter users have complimented McDonald’s on their bold choice of breakfast items saying that the company shouldn’t worry about healthiness and instead focus on volume.

“I’ve been waiting for thiiiiiiiiiiiiis.”
“This is good. People who are worried about their health shouldn’t eat McDonald’s anyway!”
“I think it’s OK that McDonald’s isn’t focused on healthiness and are instead focused on volume and greasiness.”
“This might be really heavy for the morning, but I still want to eat it.”
“This is the feeling of old McDonald’s.”

This winning combination is only available for a limited time, but we imagine that McDonald’s is hopeful this campaign will entice customers to return to the golden arches. It definitely looks like it will at least keep you full in the morning.

Source: My Game News Flash
Top image: McDonald’s Japan