Tacky? Yes. But even the King of Monsters needs to scrape a living by endorsing some products!

Last month’s premiere of Shin Gojira (known as Godzilla Resurgence overseas) has breathed life into the decades-old film franchise, as the King of Monsters terrorizes his way back to the domestic film market for the first time in over a decade. Movie goers should note that while the star of this new film is a CG-generated creation, its overall design pays tribute to an older generation of Godzilla models.

That said, it costs a lot to reboot a franchise, especially when working with one of the most legendary cinematic characters of all time. One way to deal with the high costs of production (and the destruction left in Godzilla’s wake!) is to team up with various brands for marketing collaborations, as Twitter user @sto_mkv recently demonstrated by posting a series of promotional images connecting Shin Gojira to various companies and products.

Here are Godzilla’s latest commercial tie-ins, with a few bonus ones thrown in:

1. [Anmitsu Glass Company] I wanted these storm shutters!

zilla1Anmitsu Glass

2. [Osaka disaster drill, to be held on September 5] Osaka vs. disaster

zilla2Osaka Prefecture

3. [Baito izu An, a part-time job search database] Camera vs. Godzilla


4. [Tower Records, a popular retail music chain] I’ll find it.

zilla4Tower Records

5. [Lotteria, a popular fast food chain] Drink or burger?


6. Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari

zilla6Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari

7. Aeon Cinema Fukuoka


Another Twitter user, @the_imp893, also dug up some retro Godzilla throwbacks of yesteryear:

While several net users voiced their exasperation at seeing the King of Monsters in such ludicrous get-ups, others were tickled by his marketing antics, going so far as to call the collages “cute.” While we don’t think Godzilla would stand for such trivialities normally, we can’t help but find something endearing about a karaoke-singing monster…

Source: Togetter
Top image: Anmitsu Glass (Edited by RocketNews24)