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Full day of Korean barbeque could work out to just 69 yen (US$0.66) per person per meal.

About a month ago, we filled our stomachs with grilled meat and our souls with happy memories, as Gyukaku, Japan’s largest chain of yakiniku (Korean barbeque) restaurants, gave us all we could eat for just 290 yen (US$2.80). And while the chain’s newest deal costs just a little more, it’s, amazingly, actually cheaper on a per-meal basis.

On August 29, Gyukaku is offering to serve a group of lucky diners yakiniku for three meals in one day, with the whole thing costing just 829 yen. What’s even more incredible is that each person chosen to take part in this day-long celebration of yakiniku can bring up to three guests, for no additional charge. In other words, each meal could end up costing just 69 yen (US$0.66) per person!

Of course, a restaurant chain can’t stay in business selling its fare at prices so obviously below the cost of their ingredients. Because of that, there’s only space for nine groups on the Three Meals of Yakiniku in One Day Tour, as the package is called. But with that exclusivity comes more than just three tasty meals.

The program starts at 9 a.m., with a breakfast of yakiniku (chuck roll or tongue), rice, and egg at a Tokyo Gyukaku branch.

▼ Start your day the yakiniku way!

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After that, participants will attend a lecture with a professional photographer, who’ll explain how to take delicious-looking photos of yakiniku. You’ll be able to put those skills to use right away when lunch, a selection of the top five kalbi (short rib) rice bowls (as chosen by Gyukaku staff) is served. Next up is a jaunt out to Chiba Prefecture to visit a farm growing Korean lettuce, a common yakiniku accompaniment, to pick some fresh produce.

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Finally, the day is capped off with an all-you-can-eat yakiniku dinner, before the group breaks up at 8:30 p.m., presumably to head home and enter a deeply satisfying meaty food coma.

To apply, all you have to do is send a tweet containing the hashtag #一日3食焼肉が食べたい (ichinichi sanshoku yakiniku tabetai/I want to eat yakiniku for three meals in a day) along with a message that shows your passion for yakiniku. Winners will be contacted by August 24, giving them five days to work up an appetite and choose which three of their friends they want to make extremely happy by inviting along.

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