Japan’s most popular yakiniku chain has an unbelievable deal that makes it seem crazy to eat anywhere else.

In Japan, yakiniku, a.k.a. Korean barbecue, is generally a luxury dining option. Meat is relatively expensive in Japan, so making an entire meal out of grilled beef and pork is usually the sort of indulgence you splurge on after payday, or to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. But right now there’s a restaurant chain offering a deal that not only makes unlimited yakiniku affordable, but honestly an extremely effective way to stretch your food budget.

Gyukaku, Japan’s most popular yakiniku chain, has an all-you-can-eat deal called the Gyukaku Course, which provides a limitless quantity of marque menu items like karubi (short ribs), rosu (loin), and harami (skirt steak).

▼ Just part of the Gyukaku Course

You can also order as much as you’d like of spicy chicken, duck, and lamb, plus a variety of vegetable dishes, rice, soup, and even desserts like ice cream and cream puffs.

Ordinarily, the Gyukaku Course costs 3,480 yen (US$32), which is a pretty reasonable price for all you get, But right now Gyukaku is offering a pass that lets you eat the Gyukau Course every single night for an entire month for a flat rate of only 11,000 yen (US$102)!

Granted, 11,000 yen isn’t an insignificant up-front outlay. However, assuming 30 days in a month, that works out to just under 367 yen (US$3.40) a day, less than you’d pay for a McDonald’s set meal, for a substantial dinner cooked and served by professional restaurant staff. Add in the fact that you’re not using any water, gas, or dish soap to clean everything up, and the Guykaku Course Pass looks like an even better deal.

There are a few catches to be aware of. First, the Gyukaku Pass can only be used for dinner, not at lunchtime. Secondly the passes are being offered exclusively at three Gyukaku branches, and are specific to each restaurant (i.e. whichever restaurant you buy the pass for is the one you have to eat at). However, two of the participating branches are located in Tokyo, in the Akasaka and Sangenjaya neighborhoods, with the third being the Hanamigawa Gyukaku branch in Chiba City. If the Gyukaku Course Pass sounds like the kind of investment you’re ready to make, the passes can be purchased online (Akasaka here, Sangenjaya here, and Hanamigawa here).

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