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Watch this clever hamster smash her way through the game, complete with an adorable detour down the pipe.

From chewing gum to coffee, sneakers and golf bags, Super Mario Bros. knows how to infiltrate the hearts of gamers around Japan. If there’s one guaranteed way to get a collective awww out of the nation though, it’s with a cute animal, and this fan of the franchise has got people’s attention with an impressive display from their pet hamster, who smashes its way through the first level of the game, thanks to an adorable Super Mario Bros. diorama course. To see the gaming hamster in action, take a look at the short clip below!

The sound effects in the short video add to the awesomeness of the real-life gameplay, which had us laughing with some unusual detours.

▼ First, the cute pet tries to put on the Mario hat.

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▼ But then quickly gets back into it by reaching up to give Mario a punch. With no coins on the board, what else is she to do?

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▼ Then she can’t resist going down the green pipe.

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▼ Bonus points for cuteness should be ringing out about now for that adorable wriggle out of a tight situation!

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▼ After skilfully navigating her way over the drop, she snuggles up in the castle and the stage is clear!

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The pet’s owner, @yutako55, actually created the cute game stage after her daughter asked if they could construct a maze for the cute hamster.

After sharing the clip on Twitter, this proved to be the best type of maze ever, with fellow Twitter users loving the clever idea.

“This is way too cute!”
“It’s the ‘Super Hamster Bros.’!”
“I can’t believe you made a second lower level too!”
“The sound effects when it went in and out of the pipe made it extra adorable!”
“You should sell these on the market! I’d love to buy one!”

According to the pet’s owner, the diorama was simple to make, using just some small items from the cheap 100 yen (US$1) bargain store. To prove how easy it is to make, she’s promising to create a level 2 stage in the near future, complete with a behind-the-scenes look at the construction process. We can’t wait to check out the next instalment in the game!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: YouTube/yutako55
Screenshots: YouTube/yutako55