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Why be a robot or sexy superhero when you could be an awkward old dude instead?

Usually cosplay outfits are supposed to look cool, not lame. But what if you could cosplay as something so incredibly lame that it went full circle and ended right back up at cool again?

That’s what our Japanese writer Ryou did when he decided to cosplay as an old Japanese man, an ojisan.

▼ Oh yes. I can smell the 60 years of cigarettes already.

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Just like any good cosplayer, Ryou went with an outfit that complemented his natural features. At 33 years old, he’d always been told that he had an “older-looking face,” so rather than dress up as a kawaii-disaster, he just went all out ojisan.

▼ This strapping young thirty-something turned into…

ojisan cosplay (2)

▼ “Oh! You know… English? I like… English joke.”

ojisan cosplay (9)

▼ “Where is… Ohio? It is next to… gozaimasu!

ojisan cosplay (8)

▼ “You know ‘ohayo gozaimasu?’ It is Japanese ‘good morning.’
Good joke, right?”

ojisan cosplay (7)

▼ With those eyes who could resist his dad jokes and outdated advice?

ojisan cosplay (6)

▼ And best of all the ojisan cosplay is easy and cheap!
Just a bag, glasses and hat will easily add thirty years to your appearance.

ojisan cosplay (3)

▼ “Ohhh, it’s raining again today,” he says to no one.

ojisan cosplay (11)

▼ “Better wait out the storm here, hope the guys at the Go parlor
won’t be upset if I’m only 20 minutes early today.”

ojisan cosplay (12)

▼ Of course dressing up as an old man also gives you license to show that you
don’t care about what society thinks anymore by drinking anytime you want, and…

ojisan cosplay (13)

▼ …obnoxiously shoving food in your face
while exclaiming loudly how good it is, and…

ojisan cosplay (14)

▼ …complaining about how the world is going to hell,
and everything was much better back in your day.

ojisan cosplay (15)

▼ Can you spot the ojisan?

ojisan cosplay (16)

▼ “Oh! You know… English? I like… English joke.”

ojisan cosplay (17)

If you’re going to cosplay as an ojisan though, you have to be able to talk the talk. That means brushing up on your terrible jokes, so be prepared to spend some time getting your ojisan giggle down pat. And if you can cosplay as a flying ojisan, well then, you may achieve the best cosplay of all time.

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