The two very different faces of a self-professed “ossan”.

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of video tutorials showing us the amazing power of makeup. And while many of these tutorials are often aimed at young women wanting to glow-up, today we’d like to introduce you to one of Japan’s most stunning transformations, involving a self-professed “middle-aged man” called Himeni.

Himeni says they’ve had the nickname “ossan” since the age of 17, due to having a lot of facial hair, and while ossan — the shortened form of “ojisan”, which literally means “uncle” but commonly refers to a middle-aged man — can be considered either rude or friendly depending on the context, Himeni embraces the moniker as it adds even more allure to the videos and images posted on social media.

▼ Because this middle-aged man loves to wear makeup and dress in feminine clothing.

Himeni embraces both the masculine and feminine by dressing in frilly cosplay costumes while speaking in a deep masculine voice that has all the brevity and richness you’d hear from a period actor on stage or in a movie trailer voiceover.

And there’s no pretence involved either, as Himeni is happy to share all the tips and secrets behind the cute cosplay look, with this latest video catching everyone’s attention in Japan right now.

Take a look at the video below:

The clip starts with Ossan looking as far from the “after” result as possible, donning glasses, fake long hair and a fake long beard while sharing the origin story behind the nickname.

It doesn’t take long for the transformation to begin, though, as the hairy accessories come off, coloured contact lenses go in, and the perfect base foundation is set.

Then it’s just a matter of embellishing the facial features with brow pencils, mascara, blush, and lipstick.

▼ Once the makeup is complete, a new cosplay “angel” appears.

“How do you like it? In a world like this we don’t need two angels”, says the masculine movie-like voiceover.

Needless to say, Himeni has been showered with compliments for the skilful transformation, earning praise from people around the country for the stunning glow-up.

And now that we’ve seen all the hacks for creating the look, we can’t wait to give our very own ossan, Mr Sato, an equally gorgeous makeover. Oh, wait, he’s done that already.

Source: Net Lab
Image: YouTube/ひめにぃ様
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