Maybe Amazon and Studio Ghibli have a partnership to push a special agenda…

When you do some online shopping, it’s easy to tell that stores keep track of all the items that you are browsing. When you start getting pop-up ads and e-mails about products that you’ve been thinking about, you know that everything you do on the Internet is being watched by someone.

Take online retail giant Amazon, for example. When you make a purchase from their store, you will often see suggestions for what to buy further down the page. Sometimes it’s simply related products their algorithm thinks you’d like, or things that other customers have bought alongside the item you are about to buy. Those suggestions are usually pretty standard, but sometimes they come out of left field — no, sometimes they come from a fantasy land!

Twitter user @himmelszelt4400 was looking to acquire a pair of motorcycle goggles on Amazon and came across a stylish pair that really spoke to him. Turns out they spoke to a whole lot of other people as well, but maybe not in the way he expected. Scrolling down to the suggested items, he found a curious set of add-ons that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, unless you thought about them in a certain way.


goggle-1Amazon JP

goggle-2Amazon JP


Taking a second look at these goggles, they really do look like they should be strapped to a pig who is flying! The only way that this set of suggested items could have been better is if it also included a set of fake mustaches.

Either the shopping algorithm at Amazon has a sense of humor, or there are more people who are trying to cosplay a character from Porco Rosso than we would have expected. We wonder what other products have a set of suggested items that turn out to be for a costume. Be sure to share in the comments below any if you find any!

Source: Buzzmag
Featured image: Twitter/@himmelszelt4400