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Totoro may be Studio Ghibli’s most iconic roly-poly creation, but he’s not the only corpulent character from Hayao Miyazaki’s animation house. 1992’s Porco Rosso stars Porco, a heavyset seaplane aviator in 1920s Italy who happens to have the head (and build) of a pig.

But while Porco may not have typical leading man looks, he exudes a dashing, gallant aura, which extends to his cool old-school cool shades. If you’d like to copy his style without duplicating his physique, you’re in luck, as you can now buy official Porco Rosso sunglasses.

Since Ghibli’s expertise lies in making animated films, not eyewear, production duties are being handled by eyeglass company Washin. The manufacturer has crafted two sets of sunglasses based on those worn by Porco in the movie, and it’s taking the project very seriously, with an attention to detail that would make Miyazaki smile (assuming the famously cantankerous director is physically capable of doing so).

If you’re looking for the highest faithfulness to the source material, you’ll want to get the PR-001 model.

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Not only are they a nearly exact match in terms of appearance, Washin did all they could to make sure their materials are period-accurate to the time Porco Rosso takes place. Among other things, that means no lightweight plastic or polycarbonate lenses. The PR-001 uses real glass, meaning the lenses are heavy and fragile, but exactly like what Porco himself would have had protecting his vision.

▼ Do not fall on your face while wearing these.

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More authenticity shows up in the included deerskin lens wiping cloth. Likewise, the case is handmade with Italian buttero leather, giving the package another nod to the anime’s setting on the Adriatic Coast of Italy.

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If you’re uneasy about the limited-edition PR-001’s glass lenses or 51,840 yen (US$480) price tag, there’s also a more modern and less expensive option in the PR-002.

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These 30,240-yen sunglasses come with creature comforts such as nose pads and earpieces, and their light but durable titanium frame is also sure to cause less fatigue after a long day of soaring through the clouds or catching up on the latest anime series.

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The PR-002 Porco Rosso sunglasses also include a lens cloth and leather case, although they aren’t  made with quite the same premium materials as the ones that come with the PR-001.

Both models are available now at Washin retail outlets nationwide, and can also be ordered directly from the Washin Palette online shop (PR-001 here, PR-002 here). Slip on a pair and see for yourself whether the tagline from the Porco Rosso trailer, “This is what it is to be cool,” still holds true decades after Porco’s last flight.

Source: IT Media
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