Game will be action game with online, open-world elements.

Game developer Hideo Kojima announced more details on his Death Stranding PlayStation 4 game during Sony‘s PlayStation press conference on Tuesday. The game will be in the action genre, and will have online gameplay. Kojima adds that the game will have open-world elements with “some degree of freedom.”

Kojima mentions that the game’s name originates from the phenomenon of cetacean stranding, where dolphins and whales wash up on land and die. While other games offer elements analogous to “sticks” for gameplay, Death Stranding will also offer “ropes” to tie and link players together.

Kojima Productions, Kojima’s own development studio, is developing the game, and it will star actor Norman Reedus.

Reedus previously collaborated with Kojima on the cancelled Silent Hills project. Like Death Stranding, Silent Hills’ “P.T.” playable teaser featured a 3D CG model based on Reedus.

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