We bet that even the shrewdest fans can’t guess what the full compensation for this job is.

The fourth live-action Death Note film, Death Note: Light up the New World, is scheduled for a Japanese release on October 29 of this year. The plot is said to continue the storyline of the second movie and revolves around cyber-terrorism in 2016. Looking back on the franchise, it’s hard to believe that the very first live-action film was released a whole decade ago!

That said, it’s about time for the film’s cast and crew to ramp up their PR efforts for the upcoming release, and a series of PR promotional campaign events has been planned for several major cities across Japan. In fact, popular part-time job search database Baito Is An has even teamed up with the film to offer a truly unforgettable one-time job that will certainly stand out on your resume, to say the least. It involves nothing less than appearing with the cast of film in character as Ryuk the shinigami at the PR events!

“This here is Ryuk. He has an addiction to apples. He was bored so he dropped a Death Note into the human world to cause chaos. 13/10 savage af”

There will be a total of four PR events, with each individual event location requiring a Ryuk cosplayer — Sapporo on 10/6, Fukuoka on 10/10, Nagoya on 10/12, and Tokyo 10/20. Furthermore, compensation for the event will be 60,000 yen (US$591) for the day with all travel costs covered, along with apples, apples, apples! Ryuk would approve.

Applications are being accepted until 11:59 p.m. on September 25. To apply, applicants should follow @weban on Twitter, retweet the below tweet, and fill out this application form (Japanese only). See the following message for more details and another link to the application form:

It’s not every day that such a sweet opportunity to get paid while essentially cosplaying comes along. If you’re in Japan and have got the time, why not give it a shot?

Source: Kai-You
Top image: Baito is An