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Dark times are coming this autumn.

On any given day, Universal Studios Japan’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter is filled with awesome attractions that let visitors feel like part of the Hogwarts student body. But if your allegiances lie with darker forces, you’ll be glad to know that the Death Eaters will be descending upon the park as part of its upcoming Halloween festivities.

While USJ (as Universal Studios Japan is called by locals) isn’t the only Universal Studios park with a Harry Potter section, it is the first to be giving evil wizard Voldemort’s sinister sorcerer squad such a prominent role.

During the Death Eaters’ reign of terror, Hogsmeade Village will remain its regular cherry atmosphere during the day, and guests can even do a little trick or treating in the town square.

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But once the sun falls, so too will the Death Eaters descend upon the area, whereupon parkgoers will be able to observe their fearsome magical powers in an event called the Death Eater Attack.

And don’t despair if an October visit to Japan doesn’t mesh with your schedule. Thanks to the country’s increasingly intense love affair with Halloween, the Death Eater Attack will be taking place from September 14 to November 6.

Source, images: PR Times
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