Get 91,000 yen for wearing a black suit, tie and sunglasses in special one-off job offer from new variety TV show based on manga and anime series Ultimate Survivor Kaiji.

It’s not often that part-time jobs pay well, or are anything other than bone-crushingly depressing, but with one, admittedly promotional, lucrative job ad, it seems it doesn’t always have to be that way. A collaboration between part-time job finding site, an, and TBS Television has resulted in an amazing part-time job opportunity where up to five successful applicants will be paid a handsome fee to dress up in black suit and tie and work as support staff at the filming of the new TV show, Life Reversal Battle Kaiji (Jinsei Gyakuten Batoru Kaiji).

In the manga, the main character Ito Kaiji gets 91,000 pelica (equivalent to 9,100 yen, although he later loses half of it) to dig an underground kingdom, but anyone getting this job will get a slightly easier time of it. According to the job advertisement, the lucky suit-clad workers’ duties will include supporting the filming of the programme, guiding show participants, writing reports for Mr. Tonegawa (a character from the manga) and building up the atmosphere at the venue to a fever pitch.

In the manga, the men in black suits’ role is to drag away those who lose their challenges and who are never seen again… but since TBS have stated that, unlike the manga, participants have zero risk of accruing additional debts or suffering serious bodily damage, you probably won’t need to get your hands dirty.

According to TBS, the game show will involve challengers (both celebrities and members of the public – applications are currently open on the TBS website) taking part in, and betting on, a number of events including many taken from the manga and anime series, so this might be things like janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors), Human Derby or Pachinko.

The job advert also states that those chosen will have their transportation costs, and for those coming from further away also their hotel bills, paid. While it doesn’t say so explicitly, you can be pretty sure it’s limited to applicants from within Japan but it might be worth a cheeky attempt from further afield.

Filming is scheduled to occur somewhere in the Tokyo area, over one or two days one weekend in early December, with an application deadline of November 21. Applicants will be chosen irrespective of age, qualifications, experience or gender (again, nationality isn’t mentioned). To apply, all you need to do is follow @weban, retweet the post above, and then fill in a form accessed through the link in the tweet. Easy as that. Beats the usual nightmare of hunting for a job in Japan, for up to two days anyway.

Source: Twitter/@weban, TBS Television via Hachimakiko
Top image: Pakutaso