Japanese visitors are falling in love with the gorgeous gardens and traditional rooms at this atmospheric inn.

Japan is filled with so many unique and interesting accommodation options that it can sometimes be difficult to choose a place to stay. When it comes to finding the perfect base in Kyoto, however, Japanese travellers are talking about a beautiful new place called Guesthouse Koiya, which has been receiving rave reviews from guests.

▼ According to this excited visitor, the guesthouse looks exactly like the inner citadel that appears in the popular Japanese mobile game “Touken Ranbu”.


Looking at photographs of the inn, it certainly does have a beautifully maintained traditional appearance that makes it look like it could house a group of samurai warriors.


Despite being recently renovated, the old building still retains some original features like old switches and dark wood panels.



The exterior has some charming features that make you feel like you’re stepping back in time as soon as you arrive at the front door.


Inside, the rooms all feature gorgeous shoji sliding screen doors and traditional tatami mat flooring.



Guests who stay in the triple room on the first floor can sit on a wooden ledge to keep an eye out for enemy infiltrators while enjoying a view of the leafy scenery.


The twin room on the ground floor opens up to a beautiful view of a traditional Japanese garden.



While this former tea ceremony room, which sleeps two to three people, opens out onto an exclusive private garden.


The long wooden verandah is like a scene from an old movie where kimono-clad lords and warriors would shuffle about, using the thoroughfare as a way to move from one room to another through the building.


The inner garden is a beautiful central point, which provides shade and dappled sunlight in the spring and summer months.


▼ In autumn, the garden becomes filled with a dazzling display of fiery red foliage.


▼ And the garden looks equally beautiful covered in a gorgeous white layer of winter snow.


All guests can enjoy garden viewing at any time of the year in the dining room area, with a free-to-use kitchen that contains coffee and western and Japanese style teas.


Accommodation plans at the inn are very reasonably priced, with a single room costing 4,000 yen (US$39.21) per person a night. Each room is priced differently, with reduced prices for two to three people staying together in one room. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to stay in Kyoto, stop by their English website for more details!


Guesthouse Information
Guesthouse Koiya/ゲストハウス鯉屋
Address: Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi, Kamigyo-ku, Tenjin Kitamachi 29−1
Website (English)

Source: Togech
Top Image: Guesthouse Koiya

Insert Images: Guesthouse Koiya