The room is fully kitted out with unique kimono-clad Kitty art.

What makes Kyoto so appealing to tourists both within and outside the rest of Japan? Some say it’s the sense of culture, as Kyoto is home to all manner of historic temples, beautiful tearooms and a thriving arts scene.

Hotel branch Resi Stay, which maintains 21 accommodation facilities in Kyoto, is adding a brand new reason to vacation in the former capital of Japan; a special Maiko Hello Kitty room at its Nishiki location. The accommodation only has three rooms to let and one of these became a designated Hello Kitty space on December 29, 2020, priced at 22,700 yen (US$219.11) per night.

▼ Screens featuring Hello Kitty’s silhouette add to the cute yet classic atmosphere.

The room is furnished in a beautiful wood-based manner, with both a double and a single bed, a sitting area equipped with a smart TV, a small study area, and a bathroom equipped with a roomy bathtub.

▼ The gorgeous bedroom is decorated with unique art for the hotel.

▼ What a pretty bathroom!

The simple, clean style of the room perfectly complements the classy art of Kitty wearing her ornate pink kimono, but there are plenty of pretty touches to be found the more you investigate the room. For instance, opening the wardrobe will treat you to even more art of Kitty welcoming you to enjoy your stay.

▼ Hello, Kitty!

And what’s more, if you reserve a stay at Resi Stay Nishiki you will also be treated to a special exclusive tote bag, free of charge.

▼ One tote bag per room reservation. Don’t fight over it, now!

But as is typical with Hello Kitty hotel collaborations, you’ll also receive some exclusive Hello Kitty toiletries and trinkets to comfort you during your stay and also serve as souvenirs.

As wonderful as it is to slumber in Kitty paradise, the Resi Stay Nishiki is a minute’s walk from the renowned Nishiki market, so you have no excuse not to get out there and make the most of your stay! It’s what Kitty herself would want, after all.

Hotel information
Resi Stay Nishiki / レジステイ錦
Address: Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, 521 Kikuyacho (Sakaimachidori)
京都市中京区菊屋町 521

Source, images: PR Times
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