Super hard-working director Makoto Shinkai would definitely be proud of this guy.

Makoto Shinkai’s newest theatrical feature, Your Name, is a runaway success at the box office. With the surprise hit bringing the anime director widespread recognition on a level he’s never before enjoyed in Japan, it’s likely that producers are lining up to be part of Shinkai’s next project, ready to give him the funds he needs to hire whatever staff he wants.

That’s all a little ironic, though, since Shinkai’s first big hit, at least among anime fans, was Voices of a Distant Star, a 25-minute direct-to-video science fiction anime that he singlehandedly created all of the visuals for. Shinkai even voiced the male lead in the anime’s original cut, so as someone who’s shown a willingness and capability to shoulder such a huge creative workload, we’re sure he’d appreciate this amazing Minecraft fan tribute for Your Name.

Spending what must have been many, many hours carefully positioning blocks in the popular world-building game, Japanese Twitter user @2110tatuharu recreated one of the movie’s pieces of promotional art featuring Taki and Mitsuha, Your Name’s main characters. It is by no means a simple image, as the two body-swapping teens are standing atop a hill with one of Shinkai’s incomparably detailed city/skyscapes behind them.

▼ A close-up of the blocks used to make Mitsuha

Making things even more impressive is @2110tatuharu’s claim that he didn’t use any Minecraft mods, such as graphical enhancement package Vanilla HD, to smooth out the mosaic’s lines or make its colors pop. If so, it’s a testament to his amazing talent and dedication, and maybe someday we’ll see him go on to create things on an even grander scale, just like Shinkai has.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@2110tatuharu