Cool traditional Japanese inn lets customers tidy up their room with a click of a button【Video】

Thanks to several items outfitted with self-parking systems, we get a glimpse into the future of Japanese hospitality.

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Freezing temperatures in Japan turn inn’s hot spring water to ice

Wait, hot springs can freeze?

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The 10 best ryokan inns in Japan, as chosen by travelers

TripAdvisor releases its rankings of the top 10 places to experience traditional Japanese accommodations during your stay in the country.

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Japanese ryokan custom ignites debate after visitors label it sexist

If you’ve stayed at a traditional Japanese inn with your partner, chances are you’ve experienced this custom before.

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Budget accommodation in Japan lets you stay for less than 18 bucks a night!

Clean, new and with lots of available extras, this is a fantastic option for savvy travellers.

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Travelers choose Japan’s top 10 historic hotels and ryokan inns

It’s almost like sightseeing while you sleep!

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Japan’s low-cost, cosplay-friendly hot spring inn adds day-use onsen plans and cafe

Now you don’t have to stay overnight to enjoy this awesome hotel’s all-natural onsen baths.

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We visit the breathtaking “House of Light” in the Japanese countryside

With an “Outside-in” room and a bath lit by fibre optics, this is one of Japan’s most unique places to stay.

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Survey reveals the most popular time to slip into a yukata at a traditional Japanese inn

Before bathing? After bathing? As soon as you arrive? Or not at all? Find out when most people usually change into yukata when staying at a ryokan.

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Japan’s cosplay inn giving a new lease on life to beautiful family business

Traditional hospitality mixes with modern otaku culture at mountainside ryokan.

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Tomaya: The old Japanese inn that only accepts reservations by post

The mysterious guesthouse is so unique it has a slew of repeat guests who have fallen in love with its rustic charms.

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Traditional guesthouse in Kyoto is like a beautiful samurai residence

Japanese visitors are falling in love with the gorgeous gardens and traditional rooms at this atmospheric inn.

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Our Japanese staff members pick the top places in Japan they’d like to visit again someday

Figuring out where to go during your stay in Japan can seem like an insurmountable task. For first-time visitors to the country, there are so many famous places to visit that the task of deciding becomes overwhelming. On the other hand, if you’ve been living in Japan for a while, you’re probably tired of all the crowded, touristy places and would like to go somewhere off-the-beaten path.

To help out our readers who are struggling with this internal dilemma, we’ve asked three reporters from our Japanese-language RocketNews24 team to share with us the top three places in Japan they’d definitely like to visit again someday. These three have had ample opportunities to travel to various places around the country and experience the local scenes in the name of eclectic journalism, so you can think of them as seasoned experts on the matter. Let’s see what little-known travel recommendations they have waiting for us!

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Top 10 Japanese companies over 800 years old

As you’re probably aware, Japan has quite the lengthy history, stretching back thousands of years. And, as with any civilization, ancient Japan had need of commerce, which lead to the establishment of some of the oldest companies in the world.

Today, we bring you a list of our 10 favorite ancient Japanese companies. From sake to mountain-side inns to Buddhist temple construction companies, there’s something here for everyone!

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Old becomes new again: The beauty of traditional Japanese homes

With raw, unpainted wood, tatami rooms, and a tranquil atmosphere, traditional Japanese homes can be quite beautiful. Appreciated by many for their historical look and feel, the buildings have recently undergone a bit of a surge in popularity.

Though probably not something the average person can afford to live in (or would even want to live in), the larger houses have found new life in many forms, including as group homes and rural hotels.

Here’s some great examples and photos of traditional homes in use today.

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