What’s it like to be a working mother in China? We asked a Chinese mom

In Japan, working mothers are often frowned upon, but is it the same in China?

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Osaka mom gets attention online for unusual way of scolding her child at the train station

You’d never want to cross this Osaka mom, but it’s probably not for the reason you think.

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Little Japanese girl learns the true value of saying “thank you” to a kind stranger

Some things you learn when you’re young never leave you, and this is probably one of them.

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Scandal in Los Angeles over child’s unconventional undies sparks anger online

Take a look at this picture – what’s your first impression? Personally (and perhaps due to my prior experiences as a kindergarten teacher in Japan) my first thought was: “How convenient that must be when it comes to potty-training!”

These Chinese “split pants” are considered completely normal for children to wear in China, so when a Chinese-American parent took their little boy out to play in Monterey Park in Los Angeles, they surely  weren’t expecting a concerned citizen to call the police on them.

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Japanese NPO creates Let It Go parody for serious cause, doesn’t stop it from being completely silly

We have more Japanese “Let It Go” parody shenanigans for you, this time courtesy of a serious organization, the Alliance for Raising Children. Watch their governors throw themselves into recreating Elsa’s soul-searching ballad while prancing around in suits in various random locations, having way more fun than the bemused-looking kids singing in the background.

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Japanese mother compares child-rearing techniques in the US and Japan, finds mixed results

Raising children is always difficult, regardless of the country you live in. Whether it’s changing diapers or dealing with the “terrible twos,” it can sometimes seem like children exist solely to make their parents’ lives difficult.

But certain cultural and social factors can have a big impact on the whole process, as one Japanese mother explains after moving back to her home country after many years in the US.

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