Suggestively spicy series stars swimsuit models, dancers, and anime voice actress.

Back in the spring, Pokka Sapporo kicked off an unusual ad campaign for its Kara-O line of instant noodles, in which models and voice actresses downed a cup of the super-spicy ramen with a camera recording the results as it brought the heat. Half a year later, the company has recruited half a dozen new pitchwomen, who are now starring in five new Kara-O videos.

As with the first batch, the ads are full of young women sweating, slurping, and panting as they do battle with the intense piquancy of Kara-O. While the visuals and non-dialogue audio are obviously meant to be the major appeal of most of the footage, the videos all have English subtitles, which can be activated by clicking the icon at the bottom of the player.

Starting things off is gurabia model Sayaka Tomaru, who says she’s looking to transition into acting. As such, the video challenges her to gulp down the spicy Kara-O broth first as though it’s a cup of water she’s found after wandering the desert, and second like it’s a bottle of milk she’s chugging after a long bath (a combination that’s long been considered a relaxing everyday luxury in Japan).



Idol (and former RocketNews24 spokesmodel) Erina Kamiya boasts that she’s never found a spicy food she couldn’t handle, so the video decides to up the ante by having her eat Kara-O broth with double its usual amount of spice. She can avoid that fate, though, if she can answer arithmetic questions correctly while pretending to play ping pong, marking perhaps the first time a human being has ever been tested in that composite skill set.



Cyber Japan dance troupe member Karen takes time out of showing people apartments to try the Kara-O. Joining her is Cyber Japan teammate Kazue, and even when they’re eating, they still find time to dance.



Hayase Aya, former winner of the Race Queen of the Year award, given to the most celebrated individual in the motorsports modeling world, lets us know that there’s no way she’ll have a problem polishing off her Kara-O, because she’s perfect.



And finally, glamorous anime voice actress Chiaki Takahashi turns in a spirited dual-role performance, with her two-tone dress acting as a visual metaphor for her range of acting abilities.



The videos vary in length from two and a half to three minutes, meaning watching one takes about as long as you’ll spend waiting for instant ramen to cook after you add the hot water. In other words, Pokka Sapporo has provided a little pre-meal entertainment, assuming you’ve still got the courage to eat Kara-O after watching.

Source: IT Media
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