Unexpectedly cute stowaway on JR train causes delays, smiles

Usually commuters get upset by train delays, but this time they were all smiles.
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Charitable bird feeds hungry fish in Miyazaki Prefecture【Video】

Everyone should indulge in a bit of cross-cultural exchange every now and then to expand their worldly horizons–and as the following smartphone video illustrates, cross-species exchange can be just as, if not more, rewarding. Just take it from this black swan who’s made it his personal mission to feed some floundering fish friends!

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Notice me, Kitty! Adoring cockatoo’s three-year campaign to win the heart of the cat it loves

If you’ve got any experience of the dating world, then you probably know how much it sucks when someone you like doesn’t like you back.

Generally, most people tend to give up at this point and move on, but when Mai-san the cockatoo first laid her beady eyes on handsome Ku-san the cat, she knew she had to make him notice her, even if it took years of hard work…

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Japanese netizens can’t stop balancing stuff on their pets, but this birdy and kitty aren’t amused

If you’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time on the internet over the past few years (haha, who are we kidding, of course you have), then you’ll probably be familiar with the trend of balancing stuff on your pets. It’s practically an old meme now, but for some reason it seems to be having a revival on Twitter in Japan. Two doting pet owners tweeted some choice snaps of their fuzzy buddies practically buried under a mountain of… stuff, and it’s totally squee-worthy! Join us after the jump for some very unamused but amusing pets!

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Netizens hatch adorable baby birds from supermarket eggs, provide evidence

Uzura (quail eggs) are a popular food in Japan, as their relatively tiny size makes them perfect for snacking or adding to bento. As a result, you can find them in pretty much any supermarket over here. But it turns out that some shoppers out there aren’t interested in eating the little speckled eggs – they’ve been trying to hatch them instead! When reports first started popping up from netizens claiming to have hatched their own quails, we thought this was just an urban legend, but now a YouTube clip and blog post has appeared, showing different people seemingly hatching actual, live baby quails from supermarket eggs. Join us for some adorable pics and videos!

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You know it’s hot in Japan when the birds are taking iced tea baths

During the summer in Japan, it’s a constant battle between trying to save energy and keeping yourself from melting in the hot, humid weather. Some choose to use deodorizing wipes to keep the stink and sweat away, others simply indulge in Japan’s irresistible ice cream for some eco-friendly relief. But what if you’re a pet bird with an energy-conscious owner who refuses to keep the house cool? This little parakeet has found the solution: a cool dip in someone’s glass of iced tea!

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The legendary “pet bird” ice cream now comes sandwiched between pancakes!

A couple of months ago, we shared an article on “pet bird” flavored ice creams produced by the bird-loving folks at Torimi Cafe. Now we get to enjoy the bird-inspired frozen treats in the form of Doraemon’s favorite snack!

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Birds know how to read Japanese, put language learners to shame

Can you read kanji? It certainly looks like these birds can!

Wait, do these birds know more kanji than some foreigners who’ve lived in Japan for years and never learned to read??

Well, after all the birds were born in Japan and grew up seeing it all around them. It’s only natural for them to pick it up, so perhaps they have an unfair advantage. Anyway, no bird has passed any level of the tough Kanji Kentei tests. Yet…

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A look at how Thai bikers roll: with guns, skulls, and pretty birds


A chance encounter on the roads of Thailand led Mike Swift to take a video of a biker so awesomely weird that he put it out on YouTube as soon as possible. At first you’ll notice the pet bird which obediently flies alongside the woman as she rides, which is wild enough, but you’ll soon find that this little half-minute clip is deceptively deep.

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Bird’s got talent! Cockatiel belts out karaoke favourite ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ 【Video】

Many a foreigner living in Japan has attempted and mangled this classic karaoke favourite, the theme song from popular Japanese animated film My Neighbor Totoro, just so they can let their vocal cords rip in the chorus. Even with limited language skills, you can probably belt out “Totoro, totoro” one million times and manage to mumble through the rest of the words.

But this cockatiel Poko-chan’s sense of pitch and inner pizzazz puts humans to shame. Accompanied by her owner on piano, she warbles through a song that few have fully mastered. What would Simon Cowell say? You be the judge.

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Sparrow Becomes a Life-Size Earphone Jack Cover!

In Japan’s Twitter world, this bird is causing quite a flurry. The Java sparrow in these photos is so adorable and righteously perched that at first glance, it looks real. But alas, no real sparrow would pose for photos so sweetly and demurely. At least that’s what twitter user “Bado” found when he tried to take photos of his real pet sparrow on top of his smartphone.

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