Listening to this cat talk is like a real-life encounter with Jiji from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service!

No country in the world has been spared from the charms of the feline species, and in Japan, there’s nothing they can’t do that won’t impress us. Recently, we were blown away by the skills of a talkative cat, whose meow-filled conversation with its owner melted hearts around the Internet, and now there’s another kitty vying to take its place, by this time actually speaking in Japanese. This video, which was sent to Twitter user @ogt_birthday by his mother, shows the black cat coming to get food from its human, and mimicking the words “gohan” (“food”) and “ohayou” (“good morning”) over and over again!

The cat, called Aiko-chan, really does appear to be mimicking its human throughout the conversation, using different intonation to sound out the words like a native Japanese speaker!


Though we don’t get to see her face a lot during the clip, here she looks like a human trapped in a cat’s body. Freaky stuff!


Here’s what Twitter users had to say about the mysterious talking cat.

“Wow – I’ve never heard a cat speak with correct pronunciation before!”
“What a clever cat!”
“She said those last words purr-fectly!”
“I like how it said ‘food’ and then stuck its bum in the air!”
“Excuse my rudeness, but is your mother a witch?”

Even the son who received the video was dubious at first but then surprised by the cat’s ability to mimic human language. It’s like a real-life encounter with Jiji the magical black cat from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service, who, if he ever saw this, would probably be pointing in excitement at his likeness, saying “Look! Look!”, just as he does in the animated movie!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@ogt_birthday