Move over water bottle panties, it’s time to dress up your drinks with a fashionable over-the-shoulder sweater that takes its styling cues from Beat Takeshi.

Kitan Club has caused quite a stir in the gachapon vending machine toy capsule market in recent years. They’ve brought us such delights as the cup-clinging Japanese office lady Fuchiko-san, Pikachu-adorned futon beds for our cellphones to rest in, and a couple of mind-boggling plastic bottle panty ranges.

Now, the company is continuing on its quest to bring quirky nonsensical items to our homes with a new collection of drink bottle sweaters.

Unlike a conventional sweater, however, these little cotton beauties are tied at the arms, designed to drape over the “shoulders” of a bottle as they would a person in real life. This style of dressing in Japan is known as “producer-maki” or “producer-wrap”, having been made popular in the early 90s by television producer-directors as a fashionable way to keep warm in spring and early autumn.

The new range of bottle sweaters is aptly called “Bottle Producer”. So now you can feel like a star being directed by your very own drink bottle overseeing your moves throughout the day. The only thing missing is a pair of dark Hollywood-style sunglasses. And some white chinos.


▼ The six sweater designs in the collection include one that’s modelled on a style seen on Takeshi Kitano (“Beat Takeshi”), the legendary Japanese comedian, director, actor, author, screenwriter and television personality, during television appearances. The colourful, geometric print is called the “Takeshi Knit”.006

▼ There’s also a green-and-white “Nordic print”…


▼ A blue-and-white striped design…


▼ A bright yellow faux Ralph Lauren style…003

▼ And some cosy-looking pink- and blue-coloured varieties.002 001

The “Bottle Producer” sweaters will be available from gachapon capsule toy vending machines around the country for 300 yen (US$2.76) each from 26 May.


Source, Images: Kitan Club