Coming around a corner, the car came to a full (pole) stop.

Anyone who lives in a quiet neighborhood knows that one of the noises you don’t want to hear are the sounds of a revving engine. Sometimes it might be a motorcycle gang, but other times it could be a street race roaring through, ruining your peaceful night. For those in the driver’s seat, everything is on the line and you’ve got nothing to lose but your pride — and perhaps your car, if you aren’t so good at driving.

One night-time race fan witnessed this odd looking crash when a car came drifting around a corner and hit the curb, which launched the back end up a pole. Maybe the driver was trying to gain every advantage that they could, but all they did was lose control.

▼ Blurry video ahead.

It doesn’t seem like anyone was hurt, but it’s pretty hard to explain to the police what caused the accident when all the clues point towards your poor driving. Hopefully everyone learned a lesson that night: you better keep your eyes on the road because those lamp posts can come out of nowhere!

Source: Kinisoku
Featured image: Twitter/@syoout