”Good grief?” More like “Good God!”

While some fictional characters can elicit as much hatred as love from audiences, everyone seems to be more or less cool with Snoopy. Maybe that’s because the world-famous beagle seems to be more or less cool with everyone else, too.

Snoopy’s laid-back, accepting attitude has even made him popular enough to get his own museum in Tokyo, despite Japan’s relative lack of interest in the Peanuts comic strips or animated specials themselves. Charlie Brown’s pooch shows up on T-shirts, bento lunch boxes, and even doughnuts here, spreading an aura of cheerfulness.

So it was pretty shocking for Japanese Twitter user @kk_unv to come across this.


Apparently this building, in an undisclosed Japanese city, has been having problems with people illegally parking their cars in front of its entrance, so the owners decided to put up a “No parking” sign. But it looks like instead of drilling into the pavement, they decided it would be easier to drive the signpost right through Snoopy’s forehead and use his corpse as a weighted base.

Startled online reactions have included:

“Wh…what have they done to him?”
“Caution: Tweet contains sensitive material.”
“The Sign of Longinus.”
“That looks like it’s gotta hurt.”
“Snoopy is so cute!”

We’re guessing that last comment is from someone whose brain has gone into self-preservation mode and replaced what his optic nerve should be registering with a happier scene of Snoopy pulled up from his memories. Especially since the longer you look at the photo, the more tragic it becomes. For example, is that chain to keep people with extremely morbid tastes from running off with the sign, or was it placed around Snoopy to immobilize him before his gruesome execution? And what of Woodstock, who appears to be cradled in Snoopy’s arms? Was Charlie Brown’s pooch able to shield his avian friend from the killing strike, or did the two animal pals draw their last breaths in the same instant as the shaft pierced both of their adorable frames?

In any case, we just hope Snoopy went quickly, because that looks like an awful way to die.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@kk_unv

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