Make one or make them all, you’re sure to have a ball!

The needle felt cat kit from Felissimo comes with all that you need to make your own purrsonalized palm-sized kitty. The set includes wool of varying colors, a special felting needle and mat, an instructional guide, plus eyes, whiskers, and a collar to add the finishing touches.


The instructional guide will show you in detail how to prep, shape, and add color and features to individualize your creation.


There are six different lifelike poses to choose from, starting with the most basic of kitty poses, the bread loaf.


Your kitty can also be streeeeeetched out…


…lying down all prim and proper…


…tilting his head curiously…


…doing some yoga stretches…


…or rolling over playfully on her back.


The kits can be bought from Felissimo’s online store for 1,700 yen (US$16.57) or 1,550 yen ($15.10) for first-time buyers. 51 yen from each purchase goes to Felissimo’s “Neko Kikin” fundraiser, to help homeless animals in need.


The first kit to be delivered will be the simplest “loaf pose” to get you started. Each kit afterwards will be selected at random.



The fuzziness of the wool, along with the beady round eyes, whisker accents, and little pink noses and toes give them a sweet, kitten-like quality that is too precious for words. They would make great crafts on their own, but with their personalize-able details they would also make a one-of-a-kind gift for that crazy cat parent in your life!

Source and images: Felissimo via NetLabo