New worlds, 130 stars, new powerups, Rainbow Road, rideable Yoshi… get this one quick before it’s taken down.

Aside from all the other craziness that has happened this year, for gamers 2016 may be remembered as the year of fan games. Several high profile fan games made mainstream news including Another Metroid 2 Remake, Pokémon Uranium, and more – until they were shut down by Nintendo, that is.

And now another impressive fan game has been released that is just waiting for Nintendo’s  banhammer: Super Mario 64 Last Impact.

The game is a new Super Mario 64 adventure with 130 stars, 12 different powerups, and many new bosses. Watch the trailer here or scroll down for some highlights:

▼ The return of the frog suit!
Well, I think I’m already sold.


▼ Plus completely new powerups, like this bee suit. I always thought
Super Mario 64 was lacking in powerups, so this looks awesome.


▼ Plus flying goombas…


▼ …and lightning-throwing lakitu on RAINBOW ROAD!


▼ Oh my god… is that… could it really be… Yoshi?!


After seeing all that, I knew I had to download the game and try it out. It does require a minute or two of setup to get working (watch the video here that explains what to do), but once it starts going, it’s worth it.

▼ You start off inside the castle where you choose a save file.


▼ And then HOLY CRAP you’re thrown right into the action!
These piranha plants are really tough (hint: talk to Toad and Princess).


▼ After that you can choose a level on the caste grounds.
Maybe I should go to the Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy level?


▼ I ended up choosing a good old fashioned pipe for my first level,
though those Easter Island heads do look a little ominous.


▼ Turns out I chose level two, Stonesnake Shatters.
Let’s see what it has in store.


▼ OH MY GOD I have the Fludd! Cancel all my plans for the next… month.
I’m going to be too busy playing this.


As someone who has gotten all 120 stars in Super Mario 64 probably around 120 times, this game feels great. It’s like a combination of Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, with a hint of Zelda. Mario controls perfectly, and while it is certainly more challenging than the original (especially those first piranha plants, good god!), so far it doesn’t feel “unfair” or anything.

So if you’re looking to relive your Super Mario 64 memories with a whole new polygon world to explore, download Super Mario 64 Last Impact before it is inevitably squashed like a goomba under Nintendo’s foot.

Source: YouTube/Kaze Emanuar via My Game News Flash
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Insert images: YouTube/Kaze Emanuar
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