This fourth collaboration series with the Super Mario franchise adds 41 new styles to the mix including series antagonist Bowser for the first time.

Fashion trends come and go, but some pairings are immortal. Take Japanese loungewear and sleepwear brand Gelato Pique‘s long-running collaborations with the Super Mario series, for instance. With beloved characters that never go out of style, this team-up appears to have infinitely big potential–without the need for a Super Mushroom.

The fourth series in the Super Mario meets Gelato Pique collaboration will be released in Japan at Gelato Pique locations nationwide and its online store on January 26. With 41 new items mixing friends and foes, this is one lineup that super Super Mario fans won’t want to miss. Most items are made using Gelato Pique’s own brand of “Baby Moco” Jacquard fabric–a lightweight, soft-as-a-feather offering perfect for relaxing or taking a snooze in the comfort of home. Let’s look at the series in more detail.

● Pullover and long pants sets

This cozy combo features four color patterns of off-white Yoshi, blue Toad, beige Goomba, and charcoal gray Boo, with all colors available for women (one-size-fits-all, 14,960 yen (US$101 each) and off-white or charcoal gray for men (medium or large sizes, 15,950 yen each).

● Shawl cardigans

Welcome to the party, Bowser! These unisex cardigans come in either off-white featuring Mario jumping into a pipe or dark gray featuring Bowser styles for 12,980 yen each. Two sizes are available in small/medium or medium/large.

● Mix-and-match cardigans, pullovers, and long pants

Friends and foes of the Super Mario world are mixed together in these fun, colorful designs.

Women’s: One size only / Cardigan (11,990 yen), pullover (9,240 yen), long pants (8,800 yen) / Off-white or dark gray patterns
Men’s: Medium or large sizes / Cardigan (12,430 yen) / pullover (9,680 yen), long pants (9,240 yen) / Dark gray pattern

● Long-sleeved shirt and long pants sets

These loungewear sets come in relaxed sizes perfect for chilling at home and playing your favorite Mario game.

Women’s: One size only / Off-white Mario jumping into a pipe or gray (Boo and Toad) / 13,420 yen
Men’s: Medium or large sizes / Off-white Mario jumping into a pipe / 13,970 yen

You can also have fun matching with your little ones with these special sizes for kids and babies!

Kids: XXS or S sizes / Off-white Mario jumping into a pipe / 9,680 yen
Babies: 70 or 80-centimeter height-sized onesies / Off-white Mario jumping into a pipe / 5,720 yen

● Fleece pullover and long pants sets

Consider one of these super fleecy, unisex pullovers and pants with an elastic waist for when you need to do some serious snoozing. They come in off-white Mario and dark gray Boo patterns (small/medium or medium/large) for 14,960 yen each.

● Accessories

Clothing isn’t the only thing in this lineup–there are also accessories galore!

First up are two choices of blanket in either off-white or dark gray colors for 9,900 yen each.

Creative unisex room slippers pay homage to Mario’s iconic hat and Bowser’s shell–in S-M or M-L sizes–for 5,940 yen per pair.

These hair clips can add a splash of style to any of the outfits featured above. The first set includes 3-D Super Mushroom and Super Star while the second set includes Boo and Bullet Bill for 2,970 yen per set.

In this first set of two kinds of pouches, you can store knick-knacks in your very own fuzzy Super Star or Bob-omb case for 4,620 yen each.

Meanwhile, this second set of patterned pouches features off-white or dark gray mixed character patterns in slightly more classy-looking rectangular cases with double zippers for 5,940 yen each.

You’ll never need to worry about the bathroom being out of paper towels thanks to these adorable hand towels, with four patterns featuring fan favorites Yoshi, Toad, Goombas, and Boos for 1,320 yen each.

There’s also a bonus fifth design highlighting Super Stars on a rainbow background for the same price as the four above.

Finally, why not play Super Mario in your dreams by decorating your singled-sized bed with one of these bed sets? Each set comes with a comforter, fitted sheet, and a pillowcase, all made out of cotton and rayon and suitable for any season. Choose from either the more colorful equipment version or the more subdued Boo version for 15,950 yen each.

“It’s a-mazing, Mario!” is all we can say about the above goodies that we’ll definitely be purchasing for ourselves soon.

For more Super Mario clothing collabs, see also the Super Mario and Gap Japan team-up from late last year.

Source, images: PR Times
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