Super Mario 64

Puma releases new Super Mario sneakers that’ll have you jumping for the stars【Photos】

These RS Dreamer Super Mario 64 basketball shoes are both cool and functional.

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Japanese man breaks own world record for Super Mario 64 blindfolded speed run

It’s a me, muscle memory!

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20-year-old mystery code in Super Mario 64 finally solved

All of our childhood conspiracy theory brains can finally rest.

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Download it quick! Super Mario 64 Last Impact is a huge, full-length fan game available now

New worlds, 130 stars, new powerups, Rainbow Road, rideable Yoshi… get this one quick before it’s taken down.

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Get lost all the time? Can’t read maps? Study says you should play more Super Mario 64

I personally never really understood where the stereotype that women are bad at map-reading comes from. When most of the women in my life are more composed, logical, and organised than I or any of the guys I know, it seems odd that girls should be known as poor navigators.

If you do happen to be female and utterly hopeless with maps, though, a recent study suggests that you might benefit from playing video games more often, with findings suggesting that those who regularly pick up a controller have a better sense of direction and get lost less often.

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Shut up mom, scientists proved playing video games is actually good for your brain!

Ladies and gentlemen of the gaming world, those entire summer breaks spent parked in front of that hulking box of a rear-projection TV (but it was 60-inches!) with your N64 controller in hand were actually productive despite what your mother said. Thanks to the hard work of researchers in Berlin, we now know that playing Super Mario 64 is scientifically proven to increase your brain size. Which goes to show that a lot of things your mother told you as a kid were probably false. So go ahead, stop listening to your mom, your brain is probably bigger than hers now anyway.

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