“I, the great Frieza, will smash the inferior life force known as coronavirus to smithereens!”

It’s times like these when we most need a hero; someone to slay the murderous villain and rescue humanity from destruction and suffering. Of course, the doctors, nurses, emergency workers, grocery store clerks, and all of the essential workers operating on the frontlines of this pandemic are heroes–though they may not always like being referred to as such–and we’re grateful every day for their hard, selfless work.

But having grown up on anime and comic books, many of us can’t help but daydream of some super strong hero who will come and kick the virus’ butt once and for all. Luckily, though not quite a hero, Lord Frieza from the Dragon Ball series has kindly offered to save the Earth (if only so he can be the one to take it over later).

“I, the great Frieza, will smash the inferior life force known as coronavirus to smithereens! Rest assured, the one who will take over the Earth is none other than myself, not some lowly virus!!”

Though perhaps more of a frenemy than a hero, Frieza’s strength is well documented throughout the various Dragon Ball series, so there’s no doubt that he could be the one to eradicate the powerful force that is coronavirus. In the video, Frieza declares with conviction, “All, let us smash coronavirus to smithereens. Today I will join you! Kiiiiii”, before he strikes a “Join me!” pose, effectively inspiring all of us to fight alongside him.

You might recognize his voice if you’ve watched Dragon Ball in Japanese; that’s because the voice-over is done by none other than Frieza’s actual voice actor, Ryusei Nakao. Frieza himself is portrayed by comedian Masatake Yamamoto of the comedy duo BAN BAN BAN, who is known to cosplay as Frieza regularly on TV and in his sketches.

So although we can’t count on Frieza actually coming to save the day, since he isn’t really all that trustworthy, at the very least the powerful duo has enough energy to cheer us up while we’re stuck at home!

And in any case, Frieza’s not the only the only one who has vowed to eliminate the virus. Vegeta, prince of the warrior Saiyans, is also ready to take it out with his Final Flash, with the help of his voice actor Ryo Horikawa.

▼ “You pathetic virus, I’ll destroy you!!”

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before we get Son Goku on board, and then we’ll all be truly safe. We’ll just have a wait a few more episodes, however, because you know he always arrives at the very last minute.

Source: Twitter/@uchuuichiosouji via Gadget Tsuushin
Top image: Twitter/@uchuuichiosouji

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