Father-to-be from Arizona gets more than the one million Facebook likes needed to persuade his wife to call their newborn Son Goku.

My first name is a pretty common, non-descript name in the English-speaking world. Throughout school, and university, there were always plenty of others with the same name. It might not have been exciting enough to make me stand out, but when it came to trying to get a job I could at least be thankful that my parents hadn’t called me Adolf or Beelzebub. One parent-to-be in the U.S. may well destine his son to a lifetime of pure unadulterated awesomeness, or relentless bullying, by naming him Son Goku, after the hero in the father’s beloved anime, Dragon Ball.

Carlos Sanchez, in the photo that ended up going viral, explains that his wife had set a condition on his choosing their baby’s name, one million Facebook likes. At time of writing the number of likes had shot way past that total at one and a half million likes, and perhaps at this rate he’ll be able to get his naming way with any other future children too. Will we one day hear the pitter-patter of tiny Vegeta feet? If naming their offspring after a fictional character isn’t enough to convince you that Carlos is a bit of a Dragon Ball fan, the poster on the wall behind him, and a fair proportion of his other photos should be enough to convince you.

▼ An artist’s impression of what the birth may look like.

America has slightly laxer naming laws than Japan, where names like Akuma, meaning devil, have been blocked, but there are probably stranger names than Son Goku out there (and should I be one day so lucky as to father progeny of my own, I’ve already settled on Thunder Child). Anyway, let’s hope that, unlike his Super Saiyan namesake, Carlos’ son gets to kiss someone someday, when he’s not bashing out one-armed press-ups anyway. Although apparently training might not be the only key to his strength.

Source: Facebook/Carlos Sanchez via JinHachima Kiko
Featured image: Facebook/Carlos Sanchez