Pikachu used a Gatling gun… it’s super effective!

It’s kind of strange that Pokémon and their potential power in a warzone are almost never brought up throughout the franchise. Aside from one or two general remarks from Lt. Surge, the ex-soldier electric type gym leader, Pokémon just kind of casually ignores the fact that all it would take is a single Charizard to raze a city, or a lone Pikachu to lightning bolt through some planes.

But that doesn’t stop the fans from theorizing about what that side of Pokémon might actually look like. The Japanese YouTube channel RATE VFX recently put out a video showing what a battle between a trainer and Team Rocket might be like if they were allowed to use both Pokémon and human weapons in tandem.

You can watch the full video here or scroll down for highlights:

▼ “Oh wow, a Pikachu! Today’s my lucky-“




▼ But our hero isn’t the only one who spotted it.
Team Rocket is on the move to capture Mew… too.


▼ “Pikachu! I choose y- enh, forget it. I’ll take care of this myself.”


▼ Even Pikachu and Blastoise enter the heavy-weaponized
fray as the battle grows more and more intense.


We don’t want to spoil what happens here, so be sure to watch the rest of the video at RATE VFX’s official YouTube channel. They do lots of other “real life” versions of games like Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Solid, so if you like this one then be sure to check out the rest.

And if you’re in the mood for a slightly calmer fan version of Pokémon, then check out the woodblock prints of Pokémon and other Nintendo characters created via traditional, handmade methods. There may not be as many guns and explosions, but it’s still very cool.

Source: YouTube/RATE VFX via KAI-YOU
Images: YouTube/RATE VFX