“It’s like cutting up a monster and spilling its dark blood.” -Mr. Sato

Steamed buns are generally available year-round at convenience stores in Japan, but there’s something about the cold air in autumn and winter that makes them particularly desirable and delicious. Called chūkaman (中華まん) in Japanese, steamed buns most often come filled with ground pork, but can be filled with anything from pizza sauce and cheese to chocolate.

Character-shaped buns are also popular, as we’ve seen before, and this time it’s characters from popular children’s anime Yo-kai Watch that have been bunified! The steamed buns have just gone on sale at Family Mart stores from October 18 for 200 yen (US$1.92) each, so of course we had to inspect them for ourselves.

But… something seemed a little off.


Perhaps it was the overall shape of the bun looking somewhat flattened (as buns are supposed to, but not Yo-kai cats’ heads), giving the appearance that the head was deflating and the face sliding off.

Tomnyan still had some kitty cuteness to him, with his pointed ears and shiny pink nose…


…but Jibanyan was something else. The dark, soulless pupils layered onto the yellow irises made his eyes bug out from his flat, melted face.


▼ Be careful not to get sucked in


Cutting them in half to reveal their insides, though… that just made them both horrifying to look at!



RN24’s own Mr. Sato, who did the deed, explains that while he felt rather bad about cutting into Tomnyan, he felt no remorse halving Jibanyan. That it in fact felt like defeating a terrible monster, cutting him down to spill his black (chocolate) blood.


We’ll leave you to enjoy that thought as you chow down on one of these yourself!

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